Setting goals, completing them, and enhancing your life…

Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing well on this Wednesday.  Today’s topic is about setting goals and completing them.  Many people wish for things they want, instead of setting a goal and then going out and doing the work required to achieve that goal.

From what I have learned through my journey in life so far, the only thing that stops you from getting what you want is wishing. It’s better to do than to wish. Set a goal, and then accomplish it.  You may not know how to get there right away, but you will eventually see that your positive actions will result in you learning how to reach it.  See, you have to feel like you are progressing in a positive way, and attract that end result to you.

This does not mean that the goal will complete itself, far from it, but you will attract the means necessary to accomplish that goal.  Thus, allowing you to learn from your mistakes, trials, and errors.  Ultimately helping you to reach it.  I would like to give you an example of goal setting.  Something that I am sure most people can relate to.  Weight loss.

Several years ago I had hit the highest weight I had ever been to, 214Lbs.  For me, that was pretty high, since during my younger years I was always around 165Lbs.  A friend of mine, and my self-decided we both needed a change, a positive change that could result in a healthier lifestyle and make us feel better.  We decided to set some goals.  I am not sure what all of his was, but mine was to go from 214 to 185 by my birthday.  So, from January to the end of March.  The day of my birthday, I stepped on that scale at was exactly 185.  So how did I get there?

Getting there took hard work and was a challenge.  We set up a workout routine that was great for the both of us, and a meal plan that we designed.  It worked so well for us, that we kept going and going.  Even after my original goal.  Eventually, I hit 172 and had never felt better.  Let me tell you about the plan we set up to reach our goals.

First, we had to look at how we were eating.  I can tell you that it wasn’t pretty, at least not to someone who always eats healthy.  They would scream for sure.  For us though, we loved eating anything and everything.  This had to change.  We decided on a low carb lifestyle with cheat days on Friday’s.  I limited my self to no more than 60 grams of net carbs a day.  This allowed me to have bread, rice, and kinds of pasta, but very limited.  If I had a burger, it would be without the bun.  If I wanted to have a large breakfast, no worries there, I would just have to limit my carbs even more during my other meals.  I may have to make a video on this very topic someday.

Our workout routine was pretty good for us, but before I had worked out with my friend, I had a 5 day a week plan.  Monday to Friday and anything that was done on Monday would be done on Friday.  To keep my body from recognizing the workout patterns.

We decided to take this routine but make it every other day.  This worked very well for us actually.  It gave us a rest day, and then we hit it hard the next.  We got to a point where we started to research new things every week and then started to log our weight and muscle size to track our progress.  It became an obsession and was incredibly fun to do.  At one point, my friend had to stop, due to his job going into some serious overtime.  It was at this point that another friend of mine joined me in the workout routine, only, we went 5 days a week and wanted to build muscle.  He was very thin, so I took all that I had learned and helped him set his goal and apply my knowledge.  We hit several new goals after that.

I am at a point now in my life where I want to do this again.  I plan to track my progress and show everyone just how to do it.  Set a goal, research what to do to get there, and then do it.  Being a father now, my time is different though, so this will be new turf for me.  Let’s bring on the fun and the pain!  Fun Pain!

Thank you for reading today’s entry, it was fun remembering the good times I had during that period of my life.  It goes to show you that you can crash down hard, and then get back up in a better way.  Basically proving my saying.  “It’s all about the end because the end determines the beginning.”

Thanks a lot, stay healthy!


– Mark Thomas


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