2018, the year of improvements…

2018, the year of improvements…

Last year life took me on a weird route and it caught me by surprise.  It started out with me losing my job, which my family depended on, and for the most part making me a stay at home dad.  I would bid, and win, on freelance projects throughout the year, helping my wife with our bills.  But, it just wasn’t enough, so life sent us on another detour.  It wasn’t until I got a contract with a company that specializes in teaching the Law of Attraction, that I realized life was just showing me the areas I needed to improve upon.

So now I look at life as an improvement. Everything is always improving. Sometimes, the small things that happen that look bad, are actually a way for us to see the things that need improvement. So, we have to act upon that.

I haven’t posted anything for a bit because I have been really busy improving.  Once I get to a point with what I am doing, I will post about it, but for now, its a work in progress that I need to finish.  It shouldn’t be too long.

Just remember that life is an improvement and go out there, improve your life the way you want, and how you want, and celebrate with the world around you.  You will see how rewarding it will be.

I want to thank you for reading this entry, and I would love for you to share it with anyone that might need a positive thought.

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