There’s two parts to a better you!

It’s been quite a long time since my last entry, several months actually, but thats all because I have been in the process of reorganizing my thoughts and improving my body. So this gets me to the topic for todays entry. There’s two parts to a better you.

In order to really improve yourself, you have to improve your thoughts and your vessel. Your Mind should come first, as it is what controls everything. It controls what you can and can not do, so what you focus on should be what you can do. (Thing is, most focus on what they can’t) I am guilty as charged for focusing on the can’t lately. For months my thoughts were all negative, and it’s one reason I haven’t posted anything lately. Things started to improve for me in May, when I realized just what I was doing and took action. How did I do this?

I decided it was time to get back into the gym and get healthy and fit again, this alone can help your mind too. I also had my wife go back to doing her Yoga classes, which helps her and me at the same time. The next thing for me was to start visualizing what it was I wanted. I had to see myself with that, and within a couple of weeks, I got it. For me that was a job that I could do at home. In this case, I now edit videos for and enjoy it, most of the time. The schedule is great because I can create it. I can work any time of day as long as I get a number of videos done. Can’t beat that.

So that part is fixing my mind, but what about my vessel?

Obviously going to the gym helps both my mind and my vessel, but what else might there be? Over the past several months I have been a teeter totter of dieting. I would go on, off, on, off again. I recently started back up again on my low carb high fiber lifestyle. I have to do this and be aggressive for 45 days to set the habit. Once set, it will be a lifestyle that doesn’t require any thought.

My weight has gone up and down but mostly up over the past several months, and I decided since I am improving my mind, the vessel needs improvement too. So, it all plays a roll in improving myself.

Todays entry isn’t really meant for anything other than for me to say I am still here. I would like to post more often now that my mind is back in order, and I may post updates on my journey to improve my vessel.

Thanks for reading if you made it this far.

– Mark Thomas

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