Nothing is out of reach!

I know, it’s been awhile, but, life can get in the way of your hobbies. Anyways, I hop you enjoy this read.

At the beginning of the year I had said that 2018 is the year of improvements. For me, this has come true so many times. I have gotten on track with my freelance work, started to get regular payments from my clients, and now am about to embark on a journey so big is excites me. A friend of mine and myself are starting a business together, one that will grow very fast and quite honestly do something that other companies haven’t done yet.

I won’t get into too many details yet, because we don’t have everything ready, but we will be making commercials for social media for small businesses. We will be affordable for them, and offer them a service that will manage their advertising on social media. Taking the guess work away and apply strength to their brand.

While talking with my business partner, I came up with a saying. Nothing is out of reach for us, because I do not set dreams, I set goals. So to turn that into a saying you will remember for your self, remember it this way.

“Set goals, not dreams. Nothing is out of reach when you set a goal.”

For awhile, I think I was setting dreams and getting nowhere. I for the most part forgot where I was and wasn’t using any of my knowledge. Not good. Well, 2018 has brought me out of the crappy thought process I was stuck in, and back into the captains chair. The idea that everything is reachable with a solid achievable goal is powerful. You know you will get there, because its a goal you set and are working towards. Think of it this way. A bird see that tree branch, sets a goal to fly to it, and just does it. If it were a dream, the bird would be like a leave in the wind, ending up where ever the wind blows it. It would miss that tree branch all together. We want tree branches, not a chain linked fence. Or, we want goals, not dreams.

Dreams are nice though, don’t get me wrong. Dreams can help us create achievable goals, so always dream a little, just don’t follow a dream thinking you will reach it with out turning it into a goal first.

Anyways, these were my thoughts for the moment that I thought you would like.

I hope you enjoyed them.

– Mark Thomas

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