Never put off tomorrow what you can accomplish today!

Never put off tomorrow what you can accomplish today!

This is a saying that holds a lot of truth in the way I feel about things, however, I do not always follow it myself.  I am only human after all.  Sometimes things can get in the way of my own thinking, and interfere with the process of positivity.  If you, and myself, never put things off until tomorrow, we would always accomplish our goals.  Maybe said goals take extra time, but at least they would be on their way to completion.  

I had let some outside distractions interfere with my goals for this site and another project of mine.  I got sidetracked and basically started skipping my entry’s.  I could give reasons, but let’s be honest here, reasons are a lot like excuses, and excuses get you nowhere fast.

So let my lesson be a lesson to you as well.  Never put off tomorrow what you can accomplish today.

My next post will be a lot sooner, as I have planned out a schedule that I intend to follow, and I would like to share with you what that schedule will be like.


Thanks for reading,


– Mark Thomas



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