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Hello, and welcome to See Outside The Box.  I am Mark Thomas, and I intend to help you see outside of your box, and into the bigger picture of life.

I came up with this idea, to write down my experience with The Law of Attraction and give definition to quotes from around the world, from some of the most famous people out there who have mastered the law.  Right now it is my plan to give you something weekly, and every few days talk about what my days were like following that exact quote.

I intend to motivate you to think differently, showing you that the path is not far from where you are now and that it’s easy to See Outside The Box.

I thank you very much for finding this blog, but maybe finding it was not on accident, but fate.  For now, I leave you with one of my own quotes that I have come up with over the years, one that I find to be true to its words.


“What matters most is the path that lies ahead, and that you have learned from the one behind.”

– Mark Thomas

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