They say patience is a virtue…

Hello everyone, Mark here with another thought.

They say patience is a virtue, I say patience leads to virtue.  It’s true, using patience can lead to virtue, and can provide you with many more positive opportunities.  Another thing to remember is this, do not rush into anything without a proper well thought out plan, thus using patience to plan out your action.  

When you rush into things, be it a project, relationship, job interview, whatever…  Things can get messy for you.  When it comes to a project, you might miss important details and end up with something you didn’t intend.

With a relationship, it may end up in a negative way, say break up, cheating, or perhaps worse.  A Job interview, going in blind, not knowing anything about the company or even the person that might interview you could cause you to be nervous, thus making the interview seem like a total wreck.  If you go in with knowledge about the company and the position you are seeking, and understand where the interviewer is going, things will end up better for you in the end.  Other things can be thought of in the same way, you just have to take the time necessary for the task at hand.

Just remember that Patience leads to virtue, and practice it every day when the opportunity arises and you will do well with everything you are after.


Thanks for reading,

– Mark




3 thoughts on “They say patience is a virtue…”

  1. Hi Dr. Thomas, I hope you are well! I heard you speak on Lisa’s podcast and your words have been helping me with how I choose to start my day. It’s nice to see your website up. I look forward to reading more from you as your well articulated incite really makes me feel good. It sounds like you’ve lived an interesting life and have a lot to share. I am curious, you mentioned a YouTube Channel and book, when can we expect those from you?

    1. Hello Patrick,

      First I must say that I am not a doctor, however I am a student of life, and just want to share my experiences and my life lessons with anyone whom it would benefit. My life has been interesting, and I will blog about that over time, however only if I feel it will teach others, so that they too can correct the path they are on. The YouTube channel is up, however there are no videos yet, as I am currently writing the script for the introduction video. Once I have it up, I will post it on the blog as well as Twitter. You can follow me there as well, @SeeOutSideTheBx is my Twitter handle.

      As for my book, this is something that I feel takes time, so for now I decided to blog about a lot of the things that I planned to put into it. A lot of my quotes you will see over the next several weeks will be from the book that I am writing.

      I thank you very much Patrick for finding my site, watching Lisa’s podcast, and eventually watching my videos as well.

      – Mark Thomas

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