What happened, happened because it had to!

What happened, happened because it had to.

In life, we are here to learn lessons and accomplish various tasks while doing so.  It is my belief that to a degree fate exists.  The many life lessons we have, the lessons that are the hardest to learn, will happen regardless of what preventative measures we do, as they have to happen.

I have had many experiences in my past that were life lessons, some more harsh than others, but not nearly as harsh as some people I know, who have had some pretty difficult times.  An example of one of my life lessons is the love life of my past.  I knew what I wanted at the time but was allowing something as silly as distance get in the way.  For years I tried to have relationships that were in the same area I was living at, and each time the same outcome would happen.  Even though the same outcome would happen, I kept on trying.  This is one thing that brings up a saying that I came up with, and then also borrowed a bit from Yoda of Star Wars.  Trying leads to failure, therefore, do not try, you must do.  This simply means that if you want something, go get it, go do it, get it done.  Don’t try to do it, just go and do it.

These relationships weren’t what I truly wanted, and I knew it deep down inside, and yet I was just not quite getting it.  My fate was with my wife today, and I must say that I am more happy now, for the past 3+ years than I have ever been before.  I had learned the life lesson and was able to move on.  And move on I did.  We currently are enjoying the amazingness that is our daughter.

So what happened to me was meant to happen, and I am sure the things that you are going through are there for the very purpose of learning.  Learn from your pain and it will go away.  Once you have learned, don’t dwell on that lesson, let it go, as it has served its purpose and is ready to leave you be.  Fill your thoughts full of love and happiness.  It’s the best way to start changing your negative thoughts into positive ones, thus making you feel better in the end.

I would like to personally thank you for reading todays entry.  I hope that if you are going through a tough time right now, you will find that ultimate piece to your puzzle and complete the lesson.  Learn from it, then let it go and start fresh.


– Mark Thomas

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