When frustration takes over, negative thoughts build…

Welcome to Monday, a day that most people seem to hate, but, one that I love.  See, you have to love all the days, or else you invite negative thoughts into your week, and since Monday is the start of the work week for most, they start their week out with hatred.  I say, love Monday’s and all other day’s, and start your week out great!  

Here’s something to think about, when frustration takes over, negative thoughts build. Take a moment of silence to reorganize your thoughts into positive ones.  Doing so should help you to put things back into perspective and allow you to move forward, which is, after all, what we need in our lives, forward motion.  One thing to note about frustration, it clouds your mind, causing misjudgment, anger, negativity, and failure.  Just remember to stop and take a moment, a breather, and clear your mind of the buildup and regain your positive motion.  This is why I say, love every day, not just Friday’s, as it is one step to help avoid frustration early on in your work week.

I want to thank you for reading today’s entry, as I am quite grateful for it.  I will elaborate more on this topic in an upcoming YouTube Vlog, so please be on the lookout for that posting soon.

Thank you again,


– Mark Thomas

2 thoughts on “When frustration takes over, negative thoughts build…”

  1. Hi Mark,
    I for one hate Mondays, I guess you could say I’m like Garfield in that way.
    I was looking for some clarification, when you spoke on Lisa’s show you seemed to contradict yourself on our jobs and how they relate to the law of attraction. You mentioned that we need to start the day with a positive outlook, be happy to go to work. That if we don’t that negativity can effect our focus. Then, there was a woman that clearly loved her job as a teacher, but you told her that losing her job was probably a blessing as it forced her to make changes. I was confused by this because she seemed to really enjoy what she did. Shouldn’t being in a profession that you find rewarding give you a positive outlook? I guess I only ask because I’m trying to figure out how I should approach my mindset as I start my work week.

    Thank you,

    1. Hello again,
      When I was talking about how its a blessing for her, I was referring to growth. See, at some companies, there is no room for growth. You may love where you are at and love who you are working with, but to not be able to move up the ladder, that is not growth. As far as you, my example was in my opinion, spot on. We need to show the universe that you are grateful for having a job. After all, there a lot of people still with out work of some kind, although that is changing quite quickly from what I have seen.

      Negativity can and will effect focus, which actually is a topic that I am working on for my up and coming video. Since it’s my first video I plan to cover a few topics. Anyways, instead of focusing on what you hate about where you work, focus on what you love about it. That might help for starters. See what happens by next Monday after thinking this way every morning and every night. I bet things will have already shown improvement.

      – Mark

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