You MUST be a possibility thinker!

Hello everyone, Mark here with another thought.

Today, most people think about how something they want is unreachable, or too hard to accomplish.  I am here to tell you that that’s the wrong way to think.  You have to always envision the possibilities that it can work out, or that it can happen.  Doing this will attract that end result that you are seeing as a possibility.  Like attracts like, remember that.  The Law of Attraction doesn’t mess around, and it gives you what you ask for.  So if you are thinking, “ohhh, that can never happen, it’s too hard,” then that is exactly what it will give you.  An unreachable outcome, one that you’ll never reach because that is what you are asking for.

Think with the idea of possibility and it will happen.  Obviously within reason.  I mean, it’s not like you could attract Wolverine claws or Superman’s heat vision, but what is humanly possible, which is a lot more than you know, will be something that can be attracted to you.

With possibility comes determination too.  You will start to feel determined to make it happen, and then you will start to actually work towards your end goals.  Nothing can complete itself, you must put the work into it to conquer it, but it all starts out with that one possibility.

I know that you can do this, I have many times in my life and I decided to start a new one here, with See Outside The Box, so this is my goal that I am working on.  My goal is to have this blog reach as many people as possible, helping them to realize their own goals, fix their negative thinking, and place them on the right track moving forward.

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Thanks for reading today’s entry, I am very grateful you found my blog.


– Mark Thomas

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