Your attitude can be the most significant factor in your success!

“Your attitude can be the most significant factor in your success!”

Hello everyone, Mark here with another thought.  I came across this quote the other day, not sure who the author of it is, but I thought that the meaning behind it was perfect for the blog.  The definition I feel it stands for is this…

Your attitude will set up the tone of your thoughts, thus attracting more things like it to you. Your success will also mimic the thoughts you send out there as well.  Success is the completion of your goals, but the law of attraction does not give you the end result, it gives you what you are attracting.  What you attract is the way to get there, or in some cases the way to fail.  So, attract that end result in the best ways, one way being your positive attitude.  If it’s a negative one, the end result or your success is most likely going to fail.

I can say that I have felt this in the past.  Things might pop up out of nowhere that changes my thoughts and then things really start to get messed up.  When this happens, you have to stop and re-think.  You need to reorganize your thoughts and force some positivity into them.  If you have to, think about something completely different.  Something that makes you feel happy and grateful would be a good start.  Remember, thoughts become things.

So your attitude is very important to your success and to your life in general.  Just be sure to have a great attitude, and be grateful and mindful of the things you have and the things that are on the way.  These together will surely be an amazing thing for you, I know it has been great for me.  If for whatever reason you can’t be grateful for something, or if your thoughts are negative due to something that is happening to you, think about something else that is positive.  Attract that positive vibe to you from something else and then use it and apply it towards the other things you are doing.  No one ever said that positive energy has to be used on just one thing.  Use it everywhere!

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– Mark Thomas


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